Estancia at Alto Ongamira

Cordoba/Mendoza Argentina: (IT-ARGR02)

Cordoba/Mendoza Argentina
At the handsome Argentinean estancia with 7500 acres of unblemished wilderness, avid international travelers can enjoy the spectacular countryside, the proud hills and the rural tranquility on horseback, on foot or simply finding sought after relaxation in estancia's lovely gardens. Due to its convenient proximity to historic locations, you can readily visit the attractions of Ischilin, the Fader Museum, Mount Uritorco and the incredible Saint Catherine Jesuit Convent during your stay. The estancia is very cozy and comfortable: The rooms are spacious and bright, with all the modern day conveniences. Open your bedroom windows at dawn and experience the most breath taking views - a truly unforgettable moment for many guests! The large garden here is a magic location; an ideal spot to enjoy a good book or a drink by the pool after a day of riding and exploring the beautiful foreign lands that this region of Argentina has to offer. The culinary experience is enviable: Using the best in regional products, the chef provides delicious and refined country-style fare, served in a well presented, dining room ambiance or as the popular Argentine-style open fire barbecues.

You can choose to ride only a few hours per day around the vicinity of the glorious property or opt for the day long horseback treks up into the vast hills and the impressive cliff side. For example, you can ride to Moon Ravine and watch the massive condors fly over the peaks of the cliffs which is quite magnificent. The trails are varied; you will traverse mountainside and meadows, cross rivers and visit the waterfalls. There are even some little beaches hidden in this paradise! Bird watching includes eagles, condors and peregrine falcons and often we may catch sight of foxes, hares, wild donkeys and goats. You can even arrange for the unique night ride under the light of the full moon, visiting Aspero hill and Piedra Parada, if the conditions are right! Whether horse riding or simply sitting back to relax and enjoying the hospitality, the positive energy of the estancia and its surrounding wilderness will transform the body, mind and soul.


This is a stationary ride where are all 6 nights are spent at the estancia

The estancia is very cozy 100-year old restored farmhouse, located in the Ongamira Valley. Surrounded by a formidable natural estate of 2,300 hectares, it offers an extraordinary combination of nature and comfort. The rooms are spacious and bright and each has its own décor. Most of the bathrooms are shared (one for every two rooms) but a few rooms have a private bath.
Open the windows at dawn to experience the view from the house for an unforgettable moment. The large garden concentrates the magic of the location. It is the ideal spot to enjoy nature after horseback riding.

You can also go for a swim in the outdoor swimming pool.
Free Wi-Fi is available in the common areas.
Laundry service are available at an extra cost.

Room Occupancy
Single supplement is mandatory if we are unable to find another rider to share the room with you.

All meals are included during this trip.

The culinary experience is unforgettable. Using regional products, the chef offers an authentic refined country-style fare, served in a dining room ambiance, which fosters relaxation after the meal. Argentine-style open fire barbecues by the pool are a must!

Breakfast generally come with tea, home baked bread, fried pastries, croissants, homemade jams, natural fruit juices and local honey.
Lunches and dinners are three course meals.

Alcoholic beverages are not included but can be purchased at the estancia.

Dietary Restrictions
We can cater to all dietary restrictions with prior notice.

This trip includes and can accommodate special dietary requests.


Basic riding lessons are available free of charge!


Riding with us is an experience not to be missed, whatever your ability. The adventure starts in the ‘monturero’, where our staff prepares the horses and the journey begins. Ride through the valley, guided by expert guides and with the best horses and equipment.
There are horseback rides for all levels of experience (even for guests without any experience) and durations, according to the preferences of the passengers. We have a variety of horses and a variety of landscapes, that give us flexibility for each guest to enjoy their ride in their own way. From a ride of a couple of hours, to the possibility of riding between the hills for several days, we ensure each guest has a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience.

Examples of riding excursions (subject to changes and availability)

Variety of landscapes and trails Through the Ongamira’s clods – warming up!
Duration: from 1 to 2 hours
Difficulty level: low (medium if climbing clods)
Ideal to start visiting the farmhouse area and getting used to the horses, as a first approach to a future longer ride.
A tour around the valley, up to the bottom of the reddish formations that give name to the area. Possibility of climbing one of the clods on horseback to enjoy a breathtaking view.

The Limit – soft views
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty level: medium

Ascent to a considerably high mountain where you will be able to see all Ongamira and a great part of the farm house, accompanied by the strong breeze, typical of the mountain tops. The setting invites to get off the horse and sit on the old low stone walls to enjoy the landscape.

San Javier – see the north
Duration: from 1.30 to 2.30 hours
Difficulty level: low/ intermediate/ high (adapted to rider level)

Departs from Dos Lunas. This horseback ride will take you to the highest points from were you will be overwhelmed by extraordinary views of the valley and of the mountain meadows; you will also see the great salt evaporation ponds from the north of Cordoba province.
Given the diversity of the landscape’s topography, this ride could be enjoyed at walk, trot or gallop.
Once we reach a specific place you will be able to sight the source of the Sauces River where usually the flight of a condor or a great-chested buzzard eagle could be watched.

Piedra Parada
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty level: low

Tour around the farm house, through a path made at the beginning of the 20th century by a Russian engineer. Different landscapes boasting infinite ranges of greens and blues. Over the horizon, the great salt evaporation ponds and a few little towns.
The local fauna includes foxes, hares and several bird species.

The Cascade – smmer time!
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty level: medium

Horse riding through the countryside. Up and down the mountains we arrive to a hidden
cascade. Ideal to be enjoyed on warm days and to share a picnic by the stream.

Cerro Colchequín – The Most Desired
Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Difficulty level: high

Climb up the hill on horseback following the path where the Comechingones indians fought their last battle against the Spanish army. Panoramic views of the Ongamira valley and of the farm house.
Birdwatching includes eagles, condors and peregrine falcons. On top of the hill, one of the few condor nests outside the Andes mountain range, where condors can be closely seen, mostly on warm days.

Full Moon – The sights of the night
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty level: low

Ideal for warm days, the full moon horse ride is an experience not to be missed. We prepare to leave during the afternoon, to do the first part of the route with daylight, enjoying the varied landscapes with endless ranges of greens and blues. The experience becomes unique with the return with the bright gleam of the full moon lighting your way. The ride is through the ‘Cerro Aspero’ and ‘Piedra Parada’, returning by ‘Puente de Laja’. The full moon horse riding, is available only on special occasions as it not only depends on the date, but also that the weather conditions are favorable. Feeling the immensity of nature in the light of the moon, is a truly unique, unforgettable experience.

We do not fix an agenda because we want you to relax, feel at home and tailor as most as possible your experience.
Our experienced Gaucho guides will accompany you in every trail!

Non-Riding Activities
There are many historic places nearby, so you can visit tourist attractions such as Ischilín, the Fader Museum, the Uritorco hill and the incredible Jesuit Convent of Santa Catalina.

Hiking & Birdwatching
You can either join a guided walk with a staff member, or head out on your own – our dogs will be happy to join you! From an hour’s wander to full day hikes there’s a walk for everyone. The hike to the top of the hills will surprise you with an amazing view of Alto Ongamira! The distance, difficulty and scenery are left to the guest’s choice, having such a wide variety of trails as acres in the lodge.
The hike to the ‘Cerro Colchequín’ is a classic. Walking through Ongamira’s caves, and down to the river, you will see where the Comechingones Indians fought their last battle against the Spaniards. There, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Ongamira Valley, with sightings of plenty and varied birdlife: eagles, condors and falcons are common visitors. Our binoculars and bird books help guests enjoy this unique experience!

Rates and Dates for Estancia at Alto Ongamira

Rates include:

Accomodations, All meals with non-alcoholic drinks, 6 riding days, Hiking, Bird watching & Taxes

Packages and Options

  • SeasonYearDescription US$
    20207 day trip, AP$1980
Minimum Deposit: ~$40.00 per person

* prices are per person based on double/twin occupancy

Transfer and Other Charges:

2020 Transfer from/to Cordoba per car (1-4 pax) one way
This is a "Group Rate" - to be paid locally
2020 Single Supplement $600
2020 Child (2-12yrs) 50% Discount $-990
2020 Daily rate, dbl, pp $330
2020 Daily rate, single $430

Season Seasons  Min / MaxReserve
A 2020 01/01 - 12/31 7d / 6n 7 day trip, AP 1 /18 Reserve

Dates Note: Open all year, except Dec 24 and 25

Rates do not include:

Transfers, Alcoholic drinks, Massages, Satellite telephone, Gratuities & Transfers

Other Info
Meeting: Alto Ongamira
Airport: Cordoba
Transfer: Cordoba airport

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Average Low Temperature (°F)













Average High Temperature (°C)













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Average Precipitation (days of rain)













Source: NOAA


The Cordoba region of Argentina is well known for its pleasant weather and healthy climate - "siempre de temporada" or "always in season", is the old slogan. In Cordoba the climate can vary but is generally sunny and dry. The annual average temperature is approximately 16° C to 17° C, and can vary throughout the year to between 14 and 15° C. The sun is strong all year round, so hats and good sun protection are recommended!
Cordoba's climate is often described as ‘Mediterranean’, even despite the fact its eastern border is 300 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean, and western edge 330 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

During the summer season the days are warm and the nights pleasant. However, the rainy season usually is in the summer months. Rain amounts hardly surpass 500 cubic millimeters per year, with rain levels in the north western province hardly exceeding 200 cubic millimeters a year. Strong and windy storms are frequent during the months of summer, along with heavy rains and electric storms.

At the beginning of autumn the days are usually hot at noon and during the afternoon. The mornings and the nights cool enough. April is a very dry month and in May the first frosts may appear.

The climate of Córdoba during the winter is cool during the day and cold at night, although there are frequent warm days, due to the influence of the Zonda wind. In winter the climate is drier - but never badly cold.

The temperatures can be hot and from one day to the next they can go down several degrees, even causing frosts at night. Differences between one day and another of up to 15ºC or 20ºC. Just as a sunny day can end a strong hail storm.

What To Bring:
Spring and Summer (September to April)

Sun block SPF 45-60 (even on cloudy days)
Jacket (during the night it gets colder)
Rain coat
Long pants (not jeans)
Closed footwear
Chaps (we have some to borrow)
Helmet (recommended)
Temperatures: Max 35C Min 10C

Autumn and Winter (May to September)
Warm clothing
Windbreaker jacket
Sun block SPF 45-60 (even in winter we have to be careful)
Lip balm or moisturizing cream (in winter it is very dry)
Chaps (we have some)
Helmet (recommended)
Temperatures: Max 20C Min -15C