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Catalonia Explorer Ride

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reinko hallenga 9/7/2019
stacey traviglia 6/7/2019
laurie weiser 5/9/2019
mary clarke 11/17/2017
lauren smith 6/17/2014
agnieszka hassa 5/27/2014
emily chan 5/27/2014
jane larson 11/5/2013
paul olson 10/31/2012
martha lafond 10/25/2012
margaret l. ramirez 10/1/2012
peggy blackwood 6/3/2012
donna callanen 11/28/2011
ajay sridharan 11/21/2011
victoria crowley-clough 10/13/2011
jerry yap 8/6/2011
grace lai 6/6/2011
weldon bosworth 5/15/2011
weldon bosworth 5/15/2011
judith holmes 5/15/2011
susan sundstrom 5/15/2011
patricia sweanor 11/29/2010
carrie cheong 10/20/2010
greg sheets 8/23/2010
barbara henry 8/16/2010
shari phalan 8/16/2010
shari phalan 8/4/2010
evgenia bogdanova 7/11/2010
patrice coushaine 6/14/2010
cady davies 5/10/2010
weyshawn koons 5/9/2010
michael keister 3/29/2010
sarah spencer 3/29/2010
chantal mainville-keeler 3/24/2010
suzanne sloan 11/9/2009
alberto vega 10/11/2009
jennie shatynski 9/21/2009
birgitte bech 8/16/2009
rochelle allen 7/13/2009
elisa halcomb 7/13/2009
marsha hensel 7/12/2009
michelle schardt 7/12/2009
christine pitts 11/26/2008
amy swing 10/15/2008
tracey kirouac 10/11/2008
peter noser 7/6/2008
sylvie girouard 7/6/2008
hillary brown 5/27/2008
carolyn livingstone 5/26/2008
sarah chapman 4/13/2008
mary horton 4/7/2008
elisabeth r. nosarios 4/7/2008
neal marcus 1/5/2008
barbra 11/18/2007
mary ellen hill-pierce 11/5/2007
fiona symington 10/16/2007
per nyman 8/2/2007
mary phillips 8/1/2007
lena camilla collins 7/9/2007
lena rova 7/8/2007
tatiana tarkova 6/25/2007
tara kemp 6/12/2007
michele duellman 6/3/2007
shirley nestler 4/13/2007
monica weeks 4/9/2007
michele ricksgers 3/29/2007
teresa talyson 3/15/2007
michael coughlin 3/14/2007
mary terry 3/14/2007
judith smoot 1/19/2007
sarah martin 9/17/2006
paola albertazzi 5/3/2006
annika martin 5/1/2006

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Catalonia Explorer Ride
Tour Code: PR-CJSR
7 days / 6 nights ~$0.00
Dates : Available all Year

Trip Rating :
Difficulty : Riding Level
Riding Level Explained
Beginner A rider who has limited experience, is unable to post the trot and does not canter.
Novice A rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, capable of applying basic aids, comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length posting trots, and short canters.
Intermediate A rider who has a firm seat, is confident and in control at all paces (including posting trots, two point canters and gallops), but does not ride regularly.
D Strong Intermediate
Strong Intermediate An intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for at least 6 hours per day.
All of the above, plus an independent seat, soft hands, and capable of handlinga spirited horse in open country.
Lodging: Standard
Lodging Level Explained
= Facilities in lodges, estancias, haciendas, resorts, etc.
Basic lodging - some with shared bathroom facilities, usually no AC or room service.
Regular standard room - usually with private bath.
 Accommodations with superior comforts.
 = Trips with nights in tent camps. Sometimes the first and last night are in hotels.
Basic tent camping - everyone helps out with camp chores.
Regular standard with some camp amenities and camp cook.
Camping facilities with superior comforts like camp shower, bathroom facility..
 = Trips that combine nights in hotels and camping.
Basic accommodation and basic camping facilities can be expected.
Regular standard with some nicer amenities.
Only assigned to hotel and camping facilities with superior comforts.

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Tack: English with saddlebags. Some Western...
Horses: Andalusians and Spanish-Arabian crossb...
Pace: Trail adapted to the riders. It has wa...
Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop,
Airport: Girona
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