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Sambulenni Safari

Endurance Race Options

We are pleased to offer you the chance to participate in some of the endurance rides in Namibia. The selected rides will follow the rules and regulations of the International Endurance Federation (FEI).
You will get instructions during your stay. You will be accompanied by either Sacha or Ingeborg giving you the do and don’ts and the why and why-nots during your training. They set the pace and give you further instructions during the actual ride itself.
Don't worry about the fitness of our horses; they are all capable of easily doing an 80 km. The question is: "Are you fit enough?" So, it is extremely important that you are an experienced and fit rider.
Your stay will be a combination of game viewing from horseback, the training for and the actual endurance ride. This means you will have the luxury of having 2 horses; one you will train for the endurance ride and the other horse for watching the game.

What you need for the ride:
• hard hat (mandatory)
• tight fitting riding trousers
• (mini)chaps
• Comfortable riding shoes with profiled soles with a 1 inch heel (full boots and shoes with leather soles are definitely not recommendable)
• Camel bag
• Gloves

The rest of your equipment will be provided .

Each year at the end of November we will have the dates for the endurance rides for next year. Please note that all the rides will take place on a Saturday. For obvious reasons we will have fixed arrival dates. For availability and prices please contact us.

• February 3 & 4 – Okahandja (50km north of us) – technical ride – distances from 20km to 100km
• March 18 – San Dune (250km east of us) – most of the track is deep sand – distances from 40km to 160km (FEI 3*)
• June 23 & 24 – Okahandja (50km north of us) – technical ride – distances from 40 to 120km (FEI 2*)
• July 22 – Neuhoff (new venue in the east) – most probably (deep) sand only – distances from 20 to 120km
• October 7 – Okahandja (50km north of us) – technical ride with distances from 20 to 100km

It is not necessary for guest riders to have previous endurance experience. However, they MUST be fit! Guest riders, not being a member of an endurance club and/or registered with the FEI, the maximum distance is 80km and their max speed not more than 16kmph. Our tour operator has the final decision on what distance the guest is competing. To finish is to win.

Please be aware that:
1. Sambulleni Safaris will be closed on:
• January 30 / February 5 – open again on February 6 (endurance Okahandja)
• March 12 / 19 – open again on March 20 (endurance San Dune)
• May 11 / 14 – open again on May 15 (Arabian Horse Show)
• June 19 / 25 – open again on June 26 (endurance Okahandja)
• July 20 / 23 – open again on July 24 (endurance Neuhoff)
• August 27 / September 1 – open again on September 2 (endurance Walvis Bay – not for guest riders)
• September 13 / 17 – open again on September 18 (National Championships of the Arabian Horse)
• October 2 / 8 – open again on October 9 (endurance Okahandja)

2. non-endurance guests need either arrive after these dates or leave before these dates and will not have any endurance training
3. a guest endurance rider is allowed to do a maximum of 80km NERA distance ride. However, if riders are a member of an endurance club and have passed their novice class (i.e. 2x60km and 2x80km or 3x80km) and/or are qualified for CEI/FEI rides their maximum distance is 120km. They will need approval of their endurance club to participate in a foreign ride and need to bring proof of their FEI/CEI membership.
4. If NERA and/or FEI decide – for whatever reason – to cancel or postpone an endurance ride or change venue we cannot be held responsible. We will refund the endurance supplement, but will not refund the safari.


Example Endurance Itinerary

Arrive Monday, departing the following Monday.
We recommend that you arrive the latest the Monday before the ride as this will give you (plenty of) time to get to know your endurance horse and for the horse to get to know you!
We will pick you up from Windhoek Airport and take you to the lodge, only an hour’s drive away. At the farm we will introduce you to your horses and give you a briefing. If your arrival at the farm is before 12.00 h you will get your first training that same afternoon.
Tonight you will stay at the lodge. Sundowners and a good dinner is taken in the restaurant, while you watch hartebeest, wildebeest, blesbok and warthogs grazing on the lawn in front. This is the beginning of your Namibian Endurance Riding Adventure!
This morning we will saddle up the safari horses and go for some game viewing. The rest of the day is spent either being very energetic doing something around the farm, or you can be totally lazy, enjoying the horses in the paddocks while you relax at the pool with a tall glass of icy something. Late afternoon will be spent on a training ride. During the evening we will explain some of the endurance do’s and don’ts and go through the theory of vet checks.
We will explore a little today, go into the bush to watch the game from horseback. We will return to the lodge for lunch and go for another short training session in the afternoon and practice a vet check.
We will do some more exploring and enjoy the scenery and game from horseback. The lodge awaits us for lunch. In the (late) afternoon the last chance to get more familiar with your endurance horse and maybe practice another vet check.
It is time to begin the journey to the endurance ride. Depending on which ride you have chosen, the trip will take us anything between 1 and 4 hours. Once we have arrived and settled our horses we will decide where to put our grooming and holding area. Depending on our arrival time we either exercise the horses before or after entries, weigh-in and vet check. On Friday early evening the pre-ride briefing will be held, where the route and basic rules will be explained. We’ll join fellow riders for a drink, have dinner followed by an early night.
Here we go! Early rise! Depending on the season of the year and expected weather the ride starts around 6am. We will ride together. Even though one of our grooms will be helping us, you will be expected to groom and get your horse through vet check. The horses always come first, and of course their comfort and well being is our first priority. Depending on the terrain, distance, horse and rider the speed will be anything between 13 and 18 km per hour. We check our horses and make sure that all is well before going to the prize giving. That well deserved drink and dinner are highly appreciated. And before long our comfy beds are calling!
Feeling your muscles, hot coffee, check and feed the horses, breakfast, a final chat with our fellow riders and packing up; we should head for home by 10.00h
It is time to say good-bye to our horses and the rest of the crew. We will take you back to Windhoek Airport or set you on your way to the next part of your Namibian holiday or even better extend your stay and join us on a cattle drive.

7 nights Namibian Endurance Riding Adventure
All inclusive of accommodation and all meals (no drinks), horse & equipment, ride entry fee, transport to the ride and our personal attention. This holiday can easily be extended by adding extra nights and enjoy the beauty of our Lodge on horseback.

What is endurance riding
Endurance riding is one of the newest and perhaps the fastest growing branch of equestrianism. Although organised endurance rides were held in the US as early as the mid- 1800s, the modern sport of endurance riding really began in 1955.
Endurance riding is defined as "An athletic event with the same horse and rider covering a measured course within a specified maximum time." Endurance rides in Namibia are races which vary in distance between 30 and 160 km and are covered in a single day. The horse with the fastest time is the winner providing the
horse meets the 'fit to continue' criteria as determined by a veterinary staff. The horses are monitored by veterinarians throughout the ride at predetermined check points and will be withdrawn from the ride if they are judged to be unsound or metabolically unfit. Each ride has mandatory rests or 'holds' for the horses throughout the ride. Some rides are longer than 160 km but are completed over a period of multiple days with the horses typically covering 80 km per day.
Although endurance rides are technically 'races' many (if not most) riders participate for completion rather than placing. And although endurance rides are often hotly contested, at every level of endurance the welfare of the horse is paramount, with the strictest veterinary checks of all horse sports, and awards for best condition often being regarded as important as winning. For many people the unofficial motto of the sport 'To finish is to win' sums up the satisfaction they feel bringing their horse home sound and healthy.

The Endurance Horse
In general a good endurance horse will have a balanced conformation, a relatively light build, a strong back and excellent feet. Most importantly the horse's temperament must suit the rider – even a 30km is a long way if you can't work as a team!

Our Endurance Horses
All our endurance horses are well mannered, fully trained, in top condition and eager to go!
Novice horses and riders are horses and riders that have not yet completed their novice class (2 x 40km and 2 x 80km or 3 x 80km) and their average speed is not allowed to be more than 16 kph.
Advanced horses are horses that have completed their novices class, but may (still) be restricted to participate in either a CEI/FEI* or CEI/FEI** ride.

Our other 17 horses are either too young, brood mares, stallions or “just” safari horses.

How we pick your endurance horse
Of course, first of all we look at the information given to us about you and your riding ability. This will give us a general idea and make a paper match between you and several of our horses. Once you have arrived at the lodge and we’ve had a chat we will make the final decision. Judging the riding on our first day we might have to adjust, but so far that has never happened.

What distance can you do
Remember that you as a rider need to be fit as well, not just your horse. And don’t worry about the fitness of our horses; it is you we are worried about! So, it is paramount that we know of any health problems you may have! And please remember, it is our horse’s and your best interest that we have in mind.
Depending on your riding ability, fitness and health, the horse’s temperament as well as you being a novice or an advanced endurance rider we decide what distance you can do. If you’re a novice your maximum distance is 80km. And your average speed is a maximum of 16kph. If you are a member of an endurance club please bring your logbook so that you can add your kilometres. However, the decision on what distance you ride remains with us.


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Sambulenni Horse Safari
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